Do These 5 Things to Grow Your Business in 2021

The beginning of the year 2021 was full of uncertainties, with businesses tethering on survival and failure. Nobody knew if things would get better. But as the year ends, we see many companies opening up again and getting back on their feet. You are now faced with a question, what do you need to do to continue the progress you’ve made so far?

In this article, we list 5 things you can do to maintain momentum. 


Focus on strong revenue sources

Finding more customers is not always the answer. Instead of acquiring new customers focus on core ones that bring in the most revenue at the least cost. 

Revisit product lists and identify the ones that have high profitability ratios. Prioritize these products when you make decisions on marketing.


Streamline your operations

Identify redundant and inefficient tasks so you can optimize your processes. You can find software to streamline, by choosing the one that has better-connected processes, preferably customized to fit your business needs. 

You can also work on improving communications between employees and departments. When you have a streamlined process, there is transparency. Your employees will have a better understanding of their work and in turn further reduce inefficiencies.



If there is one universal business survival story from the pandemic, it was exporting your business online. When lockdowns were at their peak, businesses that survived the first wave were the ones that already established an online presence. Companies with pre-established online presence seemed to have been untouched by the effects of the lockdown and even experienced higher sales. 

A stoppage in operations is the worst thing to happen to any business. Manual processes impeded the company’s operations. By automating your accounting, you reduce the bottlenecks manual processes create. It frees up the owner’s time to focus on value-adding activities.


Dive into your data

Today’s technology affords even the small business owner all the data they need that were once only available to big corporations. Being able to access and utilize this data will be your company’s edge.

When you have automized your financial processes, it will be easier to harvest and harness data. An important tool you should consider is creating a customized dashboard. One which summarizes the financial information and reports in an easy flow making data accessible for the decision-makers at a glance.

From the information gathered, you can identify which metrics you can use to improve your business.


Be flexible and adapt

Because automation allows you to access data right at the tips of your fingers, you have to be prepared to adapt to data change the moment it happens. The pandemic brought many changes affecting accounting, tax, and even internal operations. To survive, you had to adapt your operations.


Find a good financial partner

We might never get back to the 2019 normal, but with the right financial partner, you can navigate any difficulties and even incentivize on the changing financial landscape. Here at Mehanna Advisors, we can provide you with the right help and find your right time for 2021 and beyond.

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